Shaving Cream Playdate

We had an amazing time at our Shaving Cream Play date.

The kids had the best time and we went through 19 cans of shaving cream!

I set out a large tarp and covered it and our two slides in shaving cream
This was the hugest hit. The kids were rolling in it slipping in it and sliding in it.
It was a super messy fun time
I had shaving cream in our sensory tables to
This is shaving cream and water with liquid water colors
Filling pools to try and get clean
Covered from head to toe in shaving cream
Shaving cream with eye droppers and liquid water colors. The kids then dragged and mixed in the colors
Having fun feeling the shaving cream and squishing it between their fingers
We made a swamp in our water table adding shaving cream and stirring
running and sliding on the tarp
The kids were on the slides most of the time
And so were some of the Moms!
How can you resist sliding and rolling in shaving cream
Learning about the clouds and rain. it was perfect because it had been raining this morning
Watching the color/ rain come down
Getting ready to add rain drops
Adding water colors to the top of the cloud cover above you can see what happens when the cloud gets to full.
The kids loved seeing the color burst through the cloud layer (shaving cream)
This was a fantastic play date. Get ready for our next one on Friday it will be just as awesome!


  1. What a great idea! I’m hosting a playdate with my mommy group tomorrow, and we are going to do this. Thanks!

  2. Where did you get your blue sensory table with the different levels. Did kind of shaving cream did you use for that quantity. Thanks

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