Silhouette SD Heat Transfer Material Review and DISCOUNT!

There is no greater gift for a Do it yourselfer than a Silhouette SD. My Silhouette SD has become my absolute favorite craft machine after all it pretty much does it all. I love looking at store’s and seeing things I love and being able to say “I can do that myself”. Its true I can cute patterns on shirts, shoes, hats, and more I can do it all.

How cute is this shirt! It totally looks like a Boutique shirt yet it was made with a Silhouette SD. So I guess it is a boutique shirt you can make it for your very own boutique or closet.

My kids always come first. So most crafts I do have them in mind. I can make Kaia all the cute Dragon and Mermaid shirts she wants now and Mikey can have all the Puppy shirts he wants. Plus you can make super cute Baby Shower and Birthday Gifts for friends and family.

You can make shirts for the whole TEAM!

Heat Transfer is not only for shirts. Jeans can get a makeover too! Designer jeans you can customize yourself for a fraction of the price.

Create customized hat. Put your favorite team, an inital or something cute and fun on a hat.

This maybe one of my favorite features ever but I do have a thing for shoes. You can decorate your shoes! With a design or anything you like. Precision and accuracy is easy with the Silhouette SD.

Do you want to know what else the Silhouette can do?

The Silhouette is a digital cutting tool for personal use. It connects to your computer just like a printer, but instead of printing designs it cuts them with a small blade. With the machine connected to your computer, you’ll get access to all of the fonts on your PC plus the thousands of cuttable designs found on the Silhouette Online Store.
From incredible paper crafts, card making, scrapbooking, cute little cupcake wrappers below, to paper ornaments and more.

The Silhouette doesn’t only cut paper you can etch on paper as well creating gorgeous designs onto paper, for card making and more.

The Silhouette machine can create amazing etched glass crafts. Check out the Etched Glass Tutorial. I love the Cute dish she creates I have also seen these on baking dishes and more just think you can have the cutest dish at the potluck and no mixing it up with anyone else’s especially when you design it yourself.
You can create gorgeous designs and personalize cheap frames and things from the 99 Cent store to make them look like something from Pottery Barn!

Now to Kaia’s absolute favorite thing the Silhouettemachine makes Temporary Tattoo’s! Yep, my little temporary tattoo addicted 4 year old has had her thirst for tattoo’s quenched. Plus she can pick out her own design and help me use the Silhouette to create her very own tattoo’s.

Next Vinyl there are so many fun vinyl designs out there and so much you can do with it. Vinyl is great because you can stick it to your car (I am sure you have seen the cute little family stickers on the back of minivans and SUV’s), you can decorate your walls, mirrors, doors, and more with it. From quotes to pictures you can do it all with a Silhouette machine. Best of all you are creating it so you can make it to the exact size and design you want it. Honestly think about how many crafting machines you can get rid of all you need is one Silhouette! Plus you don’t need any design cartridges just look online find what you want and work with it. It’s that simple!

The Silhouette cuts detailed rhinestone templates. Just brush the rhinestones into place, then pick up and place your complete design onto almost any surface with rhinestone transfer tape. Thirty seconds under a hot iron and your rhinestones will be permanently adhered to fabric or cardstock. Silhouette rhinestones have heat transfer backing so you can iron them on to clothes, cards, scrapbook pages and fabrics with ease! When it comes to clothes and accessories the sky is the limit. You can use templates or create your own templates to make amazing designs for hats, shirts, shoes, jeans, bags and more!

Buy It: You can purchase Silhouette products on the Silhouette site. Use Promo Code “FAMILYLICIOUS” to get a great discount that will be valid from May 17th-May 25th. The discount is $219 for a Silhouette SD and 3 rolls of heat transfer material (savings of over 125 dollars!) If you already have a Silhouette you can get 25% off of all heat transfer material.

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