Sippy Sure Medication Sippy Cup Review

The age old problem of getting a sick child to take his medication is a thing of the past. Sippy Sure is the first ever medicine dispensing sippy cup. Its unique design keeps the medicine and a kid’s favorite drink separate until ready to drink. As the child drinks from the cup the medicine is mixed with the drink concealing the medicine making it an easy and stress free way to make sure your little one gets the needed dosage. Pediatrician recommended and developed by a doctor and dad. I tried this out with Kaia last week she had an ear infection and was not given her regular pink medicine she love’s instead it was a white medicine she would have nothing to do with. So I was trying to figure out how I could get her to actually take and swallow all the medicine. I tried out the Sippy Sure Medication Sippy Cup and it actually worked! Kaia finished all her medicine and asked for more apple juice when she was done!

Children ages 1-5, can be the most difficult to give medicine to. Sippy Sure is a new spill-proof sippy cup that has a seperate medication cup inside that holds medicine and as the child drinks a drink from the cup the medicine is mixed with the drink and administered to the child. The medicine and the drink are kept separate at all times until the child actually takes all the medicine. You can see at anytime how much medicine the child has taken by looking at the medicine cup. The medicine cup will be marked for easy measuring of medication. The cup can be used as a regular sippy cup by removing the medication cup. It is recommended that the child use this sippy cup as their regular day to day sippy cup so that when the child is sick, it is the same sippy cup they have always been using. Also, the Sippy Sure cup will come in many different colors and have colorful pictures on the outside of the cup.

Buy It: You can purchase the Sippy Sure Medication Sippy Cup on the Sippy Sure Medication Sippy Cup site.

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