Snaxx Box Review

Are you running out of ideas for snack time? I try to think of good snacks for the kids but I sometimes feel like we have gotten into a bit of a snack time rut. Plus I have noticed that my kids will keep wanting snacks and when it comes to meal time they won’t eat. Snaxx Box is a wonderful recipe box that keeps healthy snack ideas filed by category. Each card contains a colorful picture of the food itself and the back side has nutritional facts and a fun fact about the food. The box also contains three time cards. You can utilize these cards by using a crayon to write a time (by drawing hands on the clock) and then placing the card next to a clock so your children will know when it is time to choose a snack.

Snaxx Box is such a great idea that would benefit kids and even Adults (we snack too). The Snaxx Box contains such a variety of food ideas. What I like to do is to pull out a few cards and write them down on my shopping list. So that when its snack time my kids have a variety of different HEALTHY snacks available. This also keeps us out of the snack time rut since there are so many great nutritious snack ideas in the box we are able to keep our snack ideas fresh and exciting.

Buy It: You can purchase Snaxx Box on the Snaxx Box site.

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