Space Station- Imaginary Play

• Voting Booth to create outerspace backdrop
• Space suits, goggles, gloves, coveralls

You will need to Create, Collect, or Get Donations for the Following:
• A Very Large Refrigerator box either cover it in foil or paint it silver

• The Spaceship can be round or square with towers. Windows or Portholes cut out would be fun
• Pie tins attached can be control knobs
• Make astronaut helmets for the kids (milk jugs)
Trim the neck off the jug
Cut an opening for the child’s face
Cut a slit from the bottom of the face opening to the neck so the child can get the helmet on easily
Cover the edges with tape (duct, masking, or electrical tape work best)
Spray the jug with non-toxic silver paint or cover with foil

• Use voting back drop to create Outerspace
• Old snow boots spray painted silver
• Globe
• Control panel (does anyone have Computer Monitors we can use) we need as many buttons , switches, lights, beeps and controls as possible
• Make planets (perhaps Paper Mache or Bouncy Balls)
• Little Christmas lights, strobe light, small blinking lights
• Glow in the dark stars
• Old calculators and kitchen timers
• Old computer keyboards and head phones etc.
• Try making an intercom system made from PVC pipes or Dryer Vent Tubes that go from the rocket to mission control desk.
• Jetpacks made from two 2liter bottles duct taped together add should straps
• Moon rocks (rocks and Styrofoam pieces spray painted silver)
• Scale and rulers to measure “Moon Rocks” and chart to record findings
• Head phones
• Space Terrain- Bubble wrap
• Board with computer parts for touching and exploring


Lets make a similar game we just need golf balls, gloves and a box.

Last years photos

Below is just a cool work station they will be doing
I wrote LPPP with stars on the backdrop which we spray painted black
The computers are on a wooden stand one has a camera that is facing out so the kids can see themselves the other has a screen saver going of different space scenes. The Keyboards are not connected so the kids can play on them without changing the screen

Our Virtual Space Area. There are glow in the dark stars a black light and layers and layers of bubble wrap and packed air packing products taped together to create a Virtual Space area

We ligned the top of the under loft area with lights
One of my favorite things ever a Space Ship Fix- it area. Above this board it says ” What Makes a Spaceship Work?” The kids can plug and unplug cords, ribbons, etc. They can move and remove memory cards, RAM, and other pieces.
The back is all anti- static bags
This was made from computer parts I had in my garage!

Above you can see our communication system it connects to the spaceship
Moon rock exploration: The kids can weigh, measure and log their findings

Our Science Lab There are Test Tubes filled with different liquids, beads etc. There are science bottles and baggies
The above baggie is one of my favorites I have ever made it is Styrofoam packing peanuts, hair gel, and glitter.

Space bag
Our Gravitiy, Inertia, Propolsion Testing
We created this out of cardboard packing material

We have a basket at the bottom and a bucket connected to a pulley system that takes the bucket up to the loft

Kaia dressed in her astronaut apparel
We have a space set aside for the Astronaut apparel and accessories to be stored
The inside of the Spaceship, a light strand is attached to the top top light the spaceship
Dryer vent tubes attached to rubber gloves are used for space exploration and plastic bowls from the Dollar Tree make lookouts.

Egg cartons attached to the top create texture

Our solar system made from wood trim from Home Depot and different sized bouncy balls balanced on the wood

In the back is a giant Sun the kids worked on

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Picture 890

Picture 896

Picture 897


Control Panel

IMG_20160127_115738037 IMG_20160127_115958868 IMG_20160127_120147283 IMG_20160127_120609424 IMG_20160127_120626039 IMG_20160127_120638444 IMG_20160127_120643588 IMG_20160127_120721353 IMG_20160127_120733547 IMG_20160127_120810317 IMG_20160127_120815217


  1. Love these ideas! I’m mid-way through making a space themed role-play area for my school and some of these ideas will definitely be appearing- thanks!

  2. Cindy Matuli says:

    This is play based learning at it’s best!! There is so much amazing learning impeded in all these experiences!

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