Splat and Spray Painting

Splat Painting
Materials Needed:
Paint (we used tempera)
Sponges (we used makeup sponges but regular sponges cut to a smaller size would work fine)
A large surface to paint on (we used two large table clothes) you could use a sheet, newsprint, cardboard, etc.
Fly swatters

We used those little sponges for makeup that are shaped like a triangle for applying foundation. Soaked them in paint and swatted them with fly swatters.

Spray Painting
Materials Needed:
Squirt Bottles
Watered down paint (we used liquid watercolors) but you could use watered down tempera paint
Surface to paint on (we used a white table cloth) You could use a sheet etc.

We also put liquid watercolors in spray bottles and sprayed a hanging white sheet. Both were messy and fun!


  1. How FUN! I have got to do this! I love messy! Great way to explore colors and get creative! I’m also your newest follower!

    Learn + Play = PreK

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