Straw Blowing Art

When I was teaching there were a few art projects that were my go to projects. I knew that almost every child would be ready to participate. They were easy to set up and take down and just plain fun

One of these projects was Straw Blowing Art.
It is very simple all

Materials Needed:
Paint (watered down)
paint cups
spoons (or eye droppers)
straws (one for each child)

Have the children apply a small amount of paint like little dribbles on the paper

They then take their straw and blow on the paint until it moves in the direction they want

I used powdered tempera paint and added water. I made it a bit to watery I think. I prefer it a bit less runny.

My kids loved this like I knew they would. It is always a crowd pleaser!

And how simple we pretty much always have the materials on hand


  1. Anna Evans says:

    Love this activity with the paints i am going to do it with my Grandson.

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