The THE CRIMSON WING: MYSTERY OF THE FLAMINGOS on Blu-ray & DVD is a truly beautiful movie. It honestly is just so pretty. I really new very little about Flamingos until I watched this movie, I honestly learned so much. What I really liked about the movie other than how astonishingly beautiful it was is that while I learned a great deal it was just so interesting and captivating. Kaia watched the movie with me and loved it. She has loved Flamingos ever since the first time we took her to the zoo. She was only five months old and the Flamingos were the first exhibit right when you enter the zoo. Kaia laughed and smiled when we went to walk away she started screaming when we stayed she was fine and just looked at the Flamingos I think we stood there for twenty minutes. Anyway she calls Flamingos “Stinky-Flamingos” like its one word all together because if you have ever been near a Flamingo exhibit you know they smell. Anyway when I turned on the DVD and we started watching the movie about five minutes into the movie she said “Mommy I can smell the Flamingos”. Okay my house does not smell like flamingos. I think what Kaia was trying to tell me is that the movie draws you in, in such a way that you feel like you are there with the Flamingos.

Discover one of nature’s last great mysteries in The Crimson Wing, a miraculous story of love, courage and survival from Disneynature, the studio that brought you EARTH. In a place like no other on the planet, the dramatic and desolate Lake Natron in northern Tanzania, you’ll witness a spectacle unlike anything you’ve seen before: a million crimson-winged flamingos arrive to continue the circle of life. Focusing on the adventures of a single chick set against a backdrop of never-before-filmed landscapes, The Crimson Wing is a visually stunning journey into the life and struggles of the mysterious and inspiring flamingo.

Buy It: You can purchase THE CRIMSON WING: MYSTERY OF THE FLAMINGOS on Blu-ray & DVD on the Disney DVD site. Available on Blu-ray & DVD October 19, 2010

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