The Day Leo Said I Hate You! Review and Giveaway

And the Winner is… Antonia

Kaia has sadly started using the “H” word. Yep, “I HATE you, or I HATE that” have become regular phrasing in our house. While I love that she is going to preschool there are some things she picks up there I am not so fond of such as the “HATES”. She knows how much it bothers me and so her new very favorite thing to say is “I HATE MOMMY!” I have to tell you every time I hear it, it breaks my heart a little. I know I have to toughen up for the teen years I just thought I had a few more years before the “I hate you” would come out. Alas it has come too soon. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I was contacted to do a review on The Day Leo Said I Hate You. I honestly was so excited I called my husband at work and started telling him about this book and how it was about a little boy who said hate just as often as Kaia. We received the book and immediately I knew it would be a hit. The illustrator Molly Bang is the author and illustrator of “When Sophie Gets Angry… Really, Really Angry” which was always a favorite book in my classroom. It has since become a favorite book of Kaia’s as well it helps with dealing with anger and frustration. The Day Leo Said I Hate You has the same bright and bold colors and Kaia loves it when Leo breathes fire with his words just like Sophie did. Kaia’s favorite part was when Leo tried to feed green beans to his goldfish. With all the “No’s Leo hears he eventually gets angrier and angrier until finally “I hate you!” pops out. Immediately Leo feels awful and wishes he could take back the words. This book has helped Kaia learn that “ I hate you” is a very hurtful phrase we have been reading it every night after we read it to Kaia she reads it back to us (she has it memorized) and she now is working on using kinder words. I hate you still pops out but I can see she is more remorseful and definitely is working on being kinder.


Little, Brown & Company, September 2008

Illustrated by Molly Bang

Leo hates it when Mommy says “No,” and one day it feels like she just won’t stop saying it. “No string beans in the fish bowl!” “No toothpaste down the toilet!” “No drawing on the wall!” Leo is so angry and frustrated he says “I hate you!” – and then his biggest fear sets in: Will Mommy hate him for saying those three words? Mother and son both learn important lessons as they deal with Leo’s strong but perfectly normal feelings in THE DAY LEO SAID “I HATE YOU!” published by Little, Brown & Company. This is Robie’s first picture book collaboration with illustrator Molly Bang.

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