I chose 5 diapers to fill our sensory tub. Well two diapers and three old pullups.

Operating on the diaper what you want is the inner “fluff” layer”

Here is all the fluff it does not look like a lot but you will see it expands quite a bit once water is added

Once water is added it immediately starts absorbing. I keep adding water until I get the consistency I like

Once the diaper fluff has absorbed quite a bit of water it becomes more of a gel and looks kind of like icy water

Our igloo and ocean animals

Making Snow Balls

I love this stuff the consistency most reminds me of the Christmas gel stuff. When squeezed it almost gets a dry flaky feeling. But when just played with its like water beads that have been pureed. We love it!

Variations: Like most water absorbing materials you can change the color by adding colored water instead of plain for absorption i.e. You want blue add blue water when its in its dry form voila blue gel goop.
Also if you want it scented you can add extract to the water as well at its dry form. So really the colors and scents are endless and up to you!