TheraPearl- Review and Giveaway

I have been searching for the perfect stocking stuffers not only for the kids but for Mike to. I want their stockings to be stuffed with things that are fun and practical. I am all about double duty. So if you want me to buy something it better be multifunctional and cute to boot! I found what I was looking for in TheraPearl. My kids go crazy over ice packs. We have three freezers, I know crazy but true. Two in the garage and one in the house, our house freezer has a few go to food items like chicken nuggets and potstickers (my kids live off of these) and the rest of the freezer is filled with ice packs. We have every kind you can think of. My kids love them and my husband needs them.

Mike has been in several car accidents in the past two years. He drives a lot for work now and being on the road has taken its toll. So as soon as he gets home he changes and then goes to the freezer to grab an ice pack. Now just to let you know not all ice- packs are equal. They do not all hold the cold the same, nor do they all last the same amount of time (think durability). We received the TheraPearl neck wrap and it is by far Mike’s favorite! He recommends this neck wrap as the one to get and believe me he has tried them all. He likes this one because he said it contours his neck the best holds the cold best and he loves that you can also heat it up. I made him a sleeve to put the wrap in but it is not necessary you can wrap it in a kitchen towel etc. He made me promise that his stocking would be stuffed with at least two more of these fantastic TheraPearl neck wraps.

Now for the kiddos like I said they love ice packs too. And TheraPearls cute little Piggy which Kaia has named “This Little Piggy” (she says it faast like one word =)) is no exception. She adores it as you can see below she likes it to be heated up for nap time and she usually holds it on her belly. After nap she likes me to stick it in the freezer so she can have it cold incase she gets a BooBoo after dinner. She usually makes up a pretend BooBoo so she can have “This Little Piggy” back. This Ice Pack/ Heat Pack is so cute and has the most pleasing little soft and squishy beads inside I definitely know why it is her favorite. Mikey desperately wants his own cute ice pack and he is luck TheraPearl makes the cutest little Froggy Pack as well. That little c

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  1. The Therapearl green frog would be cool for my son

  2. I like the TheraPearl – Pals, Frog.

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