Timmy Time: Timmy Steals the Show DVD and Plush Toy Review and Giveaway

And the Winner IS: Tandra

A new preschool star is here! The Oscar®-winning creators of Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheepshow off their all-new preschool play group, with adorable adventures showcasing Timmy and his young friends! Fun, laughter and surprises take center stage when Timmy performs groovy dance moves, genuine acts of kindness, and also learns the true meaning of saying “I’m sorry.” So grab your front row seats for play time with Timmy and his nursery friends in these five lovable tales.

· “Timmy Steals the Show” – While bossing everybody around during rehearsals for the
nursery’s talent show, diva Yabba loses her voice! Yabba is crestfallen that she may
not able to perform, but Timmy saves the day by performing for her.

· “Timmy’s Picnic” – The class is off on a picnic! But during a game of soccer, the ball
bursts on Apricot’s spikes. Apricot feels guilty that the little animals no longer have a
ball to play with, but soon finds a good use for her prickly spikes – picking up the picnic

· “Timmy Brings a Smile” – Apricot has brought her favorite blanket to the nursery – of
which she will not let go! But when she briefly puts it down, the other animals mistake it
for a rag which they use to clean up paint and mud. Timmy tries to console Apricot with
substitutes, until he discovers a pleasant surprise in Stripey’s sand pie!

· “Timmy Can’t Dance” – Led by Harriet and Osbourne, the class is exploring various
dance styles, from hula dancing to line dancing. But Timmy just cannot get into the
groove! He soon discovers a passion for hip-hop music and wows his friends with his
break-dancing moves.

· “Timmy Says Sorry” – Timmy accidentally kicks a soccer ball through the preschool
window! After a time out, he tries to be more careful, but ends up knocking down Otus’
sandcastle with a careless kick of the ball. After much soul searching, Timmy realizes
it’s not enough to say sorry, you have to show you’re sorry, too.

· Timmy Time Sing-Along

We love Timmy Time: Timmy Steals the Show DVD there I said it. I feel so much better. We have been HUGE fans of Shaun the Sheep and Timmy always caught our eye. How could he not he is little fluffy and adorable. Well now he has his very own show and he is giving Shaun a run for his money. My kids both love this show. They sat there and watched it loving every minute of it. The extras are great in the DVD and the sing a long is so cute. Kaia loves trying to keep up. One of the things I really enjoy about this show is that even though you may not realize it there are definite learning moments going on. Like when Timmy shows compassion and tries to help a friend,.

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