Valco Ion Stroller Review

I am so excited to tell you about a wonderful new stroller. I received the ValcoBaby Ion Stroller to review and it is such a great stroller. I think purchasing a stroller is such a huge decision and so many of us just go about it without much research. I know I did. I researched my carseat for months before purchasing it for my daughter and the same for my son. But the stroller I purchased was just one that I saw other Mom’s with that I thought was a good stroller because I had seen it around. I went through the same mistake 3 times. That’s right three different strollers I had purchased without doing proper research. Well that is all behind me. I now am extremely vigilant about the products I purchase. Especially strollers, after all I use my stroller at least once a day from play dates, errands, to my nightly walks my stroller gets a lot of use. So there are some very specific features and key points that are important to me and I know are important to a lot of other moms out there.

Since I have a toddler and an infant it is important to me that the stroller I use for daily tasks is light weight and easily folds. The ValcoBaby Ion Stroller weighs only 17lbs which is less then my 6 month old weighs! It also has a “One Twist” Effortless forward fold This unique forward facing fold allows you to collapse the stroller with a turn of a knob and a lift of a lever and wheel the stroller behind you. This is really easy to do I love that I can get the stroller closed and in the car in seconds no more fighting with a heavy hard to fold stroller . I needed a stroller that can fit both a toddler and an infant since there are times Kaia wants to walk and there are times she wants to be in the stroller. So the stroller I use needs to easily be used by both kids. This also means I want the seat to quickly and easily recline for when Kaia and Mikey want to nap. The ValcoBaby Ion Stroller has an easy One Touch any position seat recline system that ranges from newborn to fully upright for toddlers. This is easily accessible by a little tab behind the seat it works so wonderfully both of my children have slept through the adjustment.

Mike and I are different heights so it is nice when we can find a stroller with the ability to adjust the handle. The ValcoBaby Ion Stroller has an Adjustable to six positions handle that allows you to push the stroller at the height that is comfortable for you.One of my favorite features the Ion stroller comes with is a safety tether. I know it seems kind of weird but I go on a walk every night and where I live there are a lot of hills. I would be in a panic every time we went downhill if it were not for the safety tether same goes for when we go on our weekly visit to the Zoo same thing lots of hills the tether helps us feel secure and safe while maneuvering rough terrain. There is also a great “peek-a-boo window in the sunshade of the stroller and next to it a storage pocket. This is great for keeping an eye on what the kiddos are doing while the shade is down.

The ValcoBaby Ion Stroller also comes with a wonderfully large bottom basket I am constantly amazed at how much I can fit under the stroller. Lunchbags, toys, you name it I have fit it under the stroller. The ValcoBaby Ion Stroller also comes with reflective straps that help to keep the stroller and baby visible at night by cars, important to me since I go on nightly walks. Overall I really like the ValcoBaby Ion Stroller I think it is perfect for errands, trips to the park and through the mall. If you are planning on going on hikes and other really outdoorsy walks I recommend getting a different stroller.

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This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review.

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