Volcano Color Explosions

We made rainbow Volcano explosions!
Ingredients Needed:
Baking soda
Dawn Dish soap
food coloring or liquid water colors
Kool aid if you want it to smell super exciting too

I wanted the color to be hidden so first I poured some baking soda in the bottom of each glass than I added a squirt of dawn dish soap so the bubbles would be extra frothy.

I then covered each with a big heap of baking soda

The boys grabbed their bottles of vinegar and started squirting

Pretty soon they got some awesome colorful bubbles

After the colors came out and the vinegar was all gone the fun continued

It became about catching bubbles and finding baking soda clumps to squeeze and squish between their fingers

Mixing colors and scooping and pouring

I love that they were engaged for a full forty minutes playing with this

They had so much fun. And my cups and the container were super clean afterwards. The dawn, vinegar, and baking soday made everything shine and sparkle when I rinsed it all out!


  1. Another fun idea. It reminds me of crystals and how they grow. Your kids are lucky to have a fun Mom!!!


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