Water Bead Fine Motor

We decided to work on our fine motor skills by sorting water beads into trays. Kaia used an ice cube tray and Mikey’s tray is actually the top of a icing tip sorting tray. I set the kids up with a tray, waterbeads, melon baller, and sorter. After doing this project I saw that PreKinders did the same exact experiment all the way down to the melon baller except they used marbles. I think they did theirs first so I wanted to give them credit. PreKinders has some fantastic projects and ideas!

I first had the kids use their hands to pinch and pick up one water bead at a time to fill their tray

While Mikey filled his in, in a random pattern

Kaia was very deliberate. She filled in around the edges in order and then went tot he next row filling in around the edges again until her tray was completely full.

Once they had filled their trays by hand I had them dump out the tray and start over using the melon baller trying to get only one water bead in at a time

this project kept them busy for quite some time. They loved it and I was surprised at how seriously they both took their work. They were very into sticking to the rules and accomplishing their task at hand.

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