Fine Motor: Water  Dropper Transfer

Water Dropper TransferA simple water transfer activity like this strengthens the pincer grip which will be used later for writing and for working with small objects. Activities like this are so important to keep small hands busy and working hard so that they can later work with ease using their hands in daily routines. These daily routines can be things we take for granted such as buttoning clothes, zipping up a jacket or just holding a pencil and writing. These type of activities are the building blocks for what comes next. And even after these tasks are accomplished it is important to always come back to the basics and keep working.

For this activity I decided I wanted the kids to to do more precision work which makes them really pay attention to how hard they squeeze. This makes them keep their muscle control and has them strengthen even more those tiny muscles as they release only so much and have a smaller area on which to release. They have to keep their hand even more steady an exercise unto itself.

Materials Needed:
a pipette or medicine dropper (Kind you get from the pharmacy with antibiotics, we always ask for extras)
a base to drop water into (Here we used several from a bath stopper, to a suction racket (end of summer clearance section) or even just a LEGO works great)
a tray
bowl of water
food coloring or liquid watercolors (optional)
Place all items on a tray and let your kids get to work. Once the kids fill all the little suction areas. I have them use the dropper to suck back up all the liquid and transfer back to the original cup.



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