Fine Motor: Water Transfer Using a Baster

water transfer using a baster
Using a baster even though it is larger than a pipette or water dropper is still a great way to strengthen fine motor skills. It is actually preferable with younger toddlers who are very young but still interested in this type of activity. And also for moving larger amounts of liquid where a child might loose interest or feel defeated using a small pipette to move all the liquids. Plus it is also just a nice change and will create interest because using different materials is always more exciting.
IMG_20160329_112633280I often include a sponge when setting up water transfer trays the kids can clean up their own spills or might surprise you with using it in a way you might not have expected.

IMG_20160329_112643930Moving water from one jar to the next takes effort and strength as well as dexterity and planning as well as problem solving.

IMG_20160329_112709034remember how I said they might not use it in a way that you would have expected. Well here is one of those cases instead of squirting the liquid from one container to the next he moved it from one container to the sponjge which absorbed the liquid and then he squeezed out the sponge into the next container.

IMG_20160329_112824213This actually created another step and he was using even more fine motor movement strengthening his muscles even more and still doing the same activity. It was really exciting and was actually a better activity then what I had originally presented.

IMG_20160329_112837202Squeezing out all the liquids from the sponge






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