Water Wall/ Ball Run


I have been wanting to make a water wall for the kids for a while now
I was very excited that our water wall was not only perfect for water but also for all those ball pit balls we have
the entire water wall cost a little over $10
I bought the gutter for $4 at home Depot and two 7ft packs of clear clear tubing. I also got 3 funnels at the Dollar store for $1. Everything else we already had
The gate that I attached it all to is what started it all. A friend of ours redid her backyard, fence and gate too. Since she was throwing it in the dumpster anyway I asked if we could have the gate. I knew I could do something with it. It became the inspiration for our water wall
I attached the gutters and clear tubing first and then arranged our recycled bottles around it all
I now have another use for the gatorade bottles they were by far the easiest to work with
I have a feeling this waterwall is going to be a work in progress. I don’t think it will ever really be done I keep thinking of things to add to it… like a waterwheel I think that might be our next purchase
The kids need a step stool to get to the top area which I knew was going to happen they are really careful and it actually created some interesting conversations
Mikey started talking about how he needs to balance and be careful
Which lead to Kaia talking about how agile ballerinas are and how you need to be like a Ninja ballerina
I love the way the colored water looks going down the gutters and through the tubing

One of the things I loved was watching them work together to get water to the top level
The water did start out yellow, blue and green but that only lasted about a second almost instantly it was all green
Watching the colors mix and talking about what colors make what when mixed together

This was an awesome project and really I am surprised how quickly it all came together
it took me less than an hour to put it all together start to finish and that includes cutting and drilling

This is how I started it and then of course I added all the cool stuff you see above

We made a few changes to our water wall

It is now a little more colorful and has some fun new aspects to it

I put the caps back on the bottles (after drilling a few holes in them). With the caps on the water flows in a slower and more direct current. Which made it also possible to put the ball pit balls in the bottles the kids can fill the bottle and watch the bottle float until all the water drains out.

Remember how I said I wanted a a water wheel. Well I started looking around for something I could use like a water wheel and I found the kids pinwheels we had set around the garden. Turns out they work fantastically as water wheels
Have you made your own water wall? If you have please leave a link in the comment section I would love to see your creation! If you have not made one yet, Are you ready to create your own now?

Here are the materials I used to create ours

1 10 ft Plastic Gutter (I bought the cheapest one it was $4)
2 packs of 3/4″ plastic tubing each was 7 ft long
Funnels (check your garage and the dollar store like I said I got a 3 pack for a $1)
LOTS of zipties
buckets to catch water
recycled containers I used gatorade containers and apple juice containers from costco (these are free so save them)
You will need a saw to cut the Gutter, plastic tubing, and bottoms off the bottles
You will also need a drill to drill holes in the gutter and bottles to attach to the wall I used an 1/8″ drill bit for all my drilling
Random Decorations

That’s it get creative and make something fun!


  1. Great project! I love the colored water, too!

  2. Love this!!

  3. This is absolutely wonderful! It looks like so much fun, and I really like how you discovered learning aspects in all they were doing. That is definitely a worthwhile project.

  4. This is fantastic thanks for linking up!

  5. Wow! This is super cool!

  6. Vanessa Barker says:

    I love this. My son plays with one like this for ever at the Gateway Museum…he’d die to have one at home!

  7. How FUN is this!!! Wow! I can just imagine other little visitors coming over to see this inventive contraption too!

  8. Wow this is such an amazing idea. I instantly started thinking about where we could do the in my garden. My eldest Love playing with containers and transporting things.

  9. Oh this is so cool – I’ve been wanting to make one for a while now.

  10. What a fantastic fabulous water wall! Hooray for you for doing this with kids!

  11. Oh, this water wall is so brilliant. Did they cut the gutter for you at Home Depot? I have been wanting to make one for a while, and this really is spurring me on to get on it!

    • debra92691 says:

      No I cut it myself it was super easy I just used a small saw the gutter I chose was the cheapest and made of plastic which made cutting it very quick and easy

  12. This is awesome! I am so impressed. How long did it take you to put this together? My kids would love this.

  13. I’ve thought about doing something like this for a while. It looks like so much fun. Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

  14. I finished a water wall for my son this weekend that I had bought the components for last summer! Shockingly bad at getting round to stuff. Ours is not as cool as yours though, i may have to find myself some bendy tubing, i think that adds a lot to the structure.

    • debra92691 says:

      I saw your post it looks like a lot of fun! I love the rainbow and the fact that it has the interchangeable area to move things around. Very Cool!

  15. Wow! What a great project. I love the gate you started with…amazing. Thanks for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party!

  16. That is awesome! My husband is not a fan of the waterwall idea and thinks our girls are too young. But I just love looking at all the great ways that people put these together. And how fabulous that you can use those big balls with it too.
    LOVE that gate! Great find.

  17. You are seriously amazing-that water wall is fantastic! I’m pinning it too–I’m so glad you shared it at Teach Me Tuesday!! And guess what–my 5-year old is also named Kaia! I’d love to know how you chose your daughter’s name! I can’t wait to get to know you and your family better!

  18. Ninja ballerina!! That is too funny!! 🙂 And I am so inspired by your creativity. I want to make a water wall now!! 🙂

  19. Thank you for sharing your water wall with us! You have inspired me! I just wrote a post about outdoor water activities for toddlers, and I put a link to your blog post.

  20. This is a fantastic water wall! One of the best I’ve seen.

  21. What a great water wall. This is one of the best DIY walls I have seen. I have been collecting items to use for a water wall, but I’m off to Home Depot to get some guttering. Thanks for the share.

  22. Hi,

    Love this! And this has been a great summer for outdoor water fun, at least here in Indiana. I spend a lot of time out gardening and I can see this being a good outdoor activity for my kid in a year or two. I think the parents (and by that I mean me) would have fun with it too.

    We’re having our inaugural Eat Make Grow Blog Hop. We are looking for folks to link up who want to share what they have been eating with their families, growing in their gardens or making with all their creative impulses. If you’re interested, I hope you’ll hop on over and link up a couple of your posts. It’s a way for you to grow your readership and find other like minded mamas.

    Hope to see you there,


  23. I’m working on gathering materials for our water wall and never even thought of coloring the water!! So far I have a couple of bottles, a couple funnels, and a busted water hose I’ve cut up. I haven’t decided yet if I will zip tie the pieces to our chain link fence or staple them to a board. I can hardly wait to have it put together, I know my kids are going to love it!

    • debra92691 says:

      I would go for the chain link fence! Boards get water warped fast and fall apart. The fence will give you lots of space and room to spread out! Please post pics here I would love to see how it turns out.


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