Worx Toys-  Review

Worx Toys Launches a Revolutionary Line of Interactive, “Shape-Code-Activated” Vehicle & Storybook Systems That Entertain and Educate Curious Little Minds about “How Things Work”

The Worx Storybook Series Introduces “Howie Works,” Who Takes Readers on Adventures, Teaching Them How Vehicles Work, Imparting Secret Codes & Captivating Their Imaginations

Since every curious kid asks how things work, Worx Toys today launches a revolutionary line of toy vehicles that give children ages 6-9 a clear look inside and identifies each of their parts with code-activated lights and sounds. Corresponding storybooks explain what each part does while taking the reader on an adventure in their new Speedster Racecar, Apex Police Helicopter or Torch Fire Truck with their new favorite character and friend, Howie Works.

Founded by 3 fathers who set out to create innovative toys for their curious little boys, all Worx Toys vehicles simultaneously entertain and educate. Each vehicle is made of highly durable, colorful and translucent plastic that allows children to look inside to see their inner workings in action. Each vehicle has over 20 light and sound features that are triggered by keying fun ‘shape-codes’ into a touch pad comprised of a circle, square, triangle and an X, that is found on each toy. The shape-codes activate the different parts of each vehicle, such as squealing the brakes, revving the engine and spinning the rims with light, while interactive stories explain what each part does.

Included with both the Apex Police Helicopter and Torch Fire Truck is the Worx Toys Transmitter, a remote-control that allows children to activate each vehicle remotely. Readers simply attach the transmitter to the book edge and key in the shape-codes while reading to see the vehicle come to life. Equipped with a special joystick, the Torch Fire Truck can be driven forward back, as well as left and right, and even has a real working ladder that moves up and down.

“Every parent has experienced those moments when their child asks a million questions about how something works and they struggle to provide a steady stream of understandable answers. To please both kids and parents, we decided to create a line of toys that not only satisfies a child’s natural curiosity, but stimulates their imaginations and teaches them, and maybe their parents too, something new,” said Ross Richardson, co-founder & COO of Worx Toys.

Each vehicle comes with a colorful, hardcover storybook featuring ‘Howie Works,’ a brilliant, yet humble, kid reporter who finds himself on fun-filled adventures in his Worx Toys vehicles. Along the way children learn how the major parts inside each vehicle works by entering the ‘shape-codes’ into the keypad to bring the story to life. Learning all the different codes and what they make the vehicle do is just part of the fun.

“We really wanted each working part to be understandable and have a real-world context, so we created shape-codes and integrated them as commands into each story for kids to follow in order to bring the vehicles to life in different ways,” said Richardson. “But the books are just the starting point for kids’ imaginations. For extra fun, we also created a simple program mode so that kids can choose the order in which the features work, allowing them to invent even more ways to play.”

“After years of development, I’m so exciting to be able to offer my customers an all-new product that blends high-tech action and traditional play patterns. It is bound to be a winning combination!” said Brian Miller, President of Geppetto’s Inc. and Board Chari of The Good Toy Group.

The Worx Toys product line includes:

· Speedster Racecar:

o The Speedster Racecar responds to shape-code commands that serve to light up the different parts of the vehicle, such as the engine, transmission, shock absorbers, etc.

o The Speedster Racecar features working gull-wing doors and sequences of light and sound that are activated by simply pushing the Speedster forward or backward without having to engage the shape-codes making it perfect for younger children

o MSRP $30.00

o Batteries (3AA) included

o Includes hardcover Worx Toys storybook, entitled “Get Ready, Get Set…Race,” in which Howie must learn how all the parts of the Speedster work in order to join his father’s pit crew for the big race.

· Apex Police Helicopter:

o The Apex Police Helicopter features a motorized rotor, working doors, and sequences of light and sound that are activated by turning the main and rear rotors without having to engage the shape-codes

o The Apex Police Helicopter responds to shape-code commands that identify its different parts with light and sound, such as the main and rear rotors, engine, landing gear, instrument panel, etc.

o Worx Storybook Transmitter included

o MSRP: $45.00

o Batteries (3AAA) included

o Includes hardcover Worx Toys storybook, entitled “Out of the Snow” in which Howie and his friends are rescued from a mountain top by the Apex Police Helicopter after a close encounter with an avalanche.

· Torch Fire Truck:

o The Torch Fire Truck responds to shape-code commands that activate the ladder and siren while identifying each part, such as the engine, pistons, shock absorbers, fire hose, etc. with light and sound

o The Torch Fire Truck can be fully activated with the remote-control Worx Storybook Transmitter that drives it to the scene of the fire while sounding its siren and remotely raises and lowers its ladder

o The Torch Fire Truck also features working doors, fire hose, and light sequences that are activated by simply pushing it forward or backward without having to engage the shape-codes great for small children

o MSRP: $65.00

o Batteries (4AA) included

o Includes hardcover Worx Toys storybook, entitled “Howie’s Cookout Adventure,” in which Howie and his friends go on a cookout in the forest but finds a fire that needs the Torch Fire Truck to put out.

Buy It: Worx Toys can be purchased online and at specialty toy stores across Canada and the US.

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