Zevia Natural Diet Soda Review and Giveaway

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I love Diet Soda. The issue is I don’t like all the chemical ingredients that go into most diet sodas. That is why I was so excited when I found Zevia. Zevia is a natural Diet soda that only uses natural ingredients in the making of their delicious soda. I am very particular about the Diet Soda I drink. The ones I like I really like and the others I won’t touch. So I wasn’t sure how much I would like Zevia. I have to tell you I LOVE Zevia. My favorite has to be the Black Cherry and the Orange. They were so good. Really I thought they were all amazing even the Root Beer. I am extremely particular about my Root Beer so for me to say it was good means a lot. I definitely will be purchasing more Zevia I like that it has natural ingredients I feel like its a healthier alternative to my regular Diet Soda.

Zevia® stevia soda is Nature’s Answer To Diet Soda™. We have taken great care and spared no expense to make sure that all seven Zevia® stevia soda varieties contain only pure, natural ingredients.

Zevia® Natural Diet Sodas contain the natural ingredients discussed below.

Ingredients Include:
– Stevia
– Erythritol
– Natural Caramel
– Natural Tartaric Acid
– Citric Acid
– Kola Nut Extract
– Natural Caffeine
– Annatto
– Ginger Root

Stevia is a natural herb native to South and Central America. For centuries, native Americans of Paraguay and Brazil called it “sweet leaf” and used it to sweeten native foods. Stevia is used as a food additive in China, Japan, all of South America and in the United States. The extract from the stevia leaf has no calories, no effect on blood sugar levels, and is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. Stevia sweetens all seven Zevia® Natural Diet Soda flavors.

Erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol found in fruits and vegetables, has no calories, and has no effect on blood sugar levels. Erythritol does not promote tooth decay. Erythritol is used in all seven Zevia® Natural Diet Soda flavors.

Natural Caramel:
Zevia® Natural Cola and Zevia® Natural Ginger Ale stevia sodas are colored with natural caramel.

Natural Tartaric Acid:
Tartaric acid occurs naturally in many plants, particularly grapes, bananas, and tamarinds, and is also found in wine. Most colas use cheap, harmful phosphoric acid for flavor. Phosphoric acid is used in fertilizers and detergents. It erodes tooth enamel and has been linked to depletion of calcium, a contributing factor in osteoporosis. Safe, natural tartaric acid enhances the zesty, tangy flavor of Zevia® Natural Cola stevia soda.

Citric Acid:
Citric acid is naturally concentrated in oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, lemons and limes. This natural citric acid flavors all seven Zevia® Natural Diet Soda flavors.

Kola Nut Extract:
The kola nut is from a tree native to Central and Western Africa. The kola nut contains naturally occurring caffeine, as well as theobromine, a stimulating ingredient also found in chocolate and green tea. Natural kola nut extract provides the classic cola flavor in Zevia® Natural Cola stevia soda.

Natural Caffeine:
Most diet sodas use artificially produced caffeine. The natural caffeine in Zevia® Natural Cola stevia soda comes from coffee, tea, and the kola nut. All five other delicious Zevia® Natural Diet Soda flavors are caffeine free.

Zevia® Natural Orange stevia soda is colored with annatto, from the achiote tree. When we were developing Zevia® Natural Orange, we were told that orange color had to be artificial. But, because Zevia® was to be the first truly all natural zero calorie soda, we refused to accept anything artificial for the Zevia® brand. After searching, we found annatto, which is all natural and a beautiful orange.

Ginger Root:
Zevia® Natural Root Beer and Zevia® Natural Ginger Ale stevia sodas contain extract of ginger root. This ancient and tasty ingredient has been used by people around the world to alleviate everything from morning sickness to arthritis pain.

Buy It: You can find places to purchase Zevia all natural sodas and also purchase online on the Zevia site.

Win It: One lucky reader will win a mixed 6 pack of Zevia so you can try all the flavors. To enter FIRST YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG. Next visit the Zevia site and tell me which flavor you most want to try.

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This was not a paid post my honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company who supplied the products for the review and giveaway.
Good Luck!

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