Zubbles Review

Have you heard of Zubbles? If the answer is no you are in for a treat. Zubbles are amazing colored bubbles. You heard me colored bubbles. Zubbles come in several bright colors and they are so much fun. Kaia loves playing with them and I am sure you and your kids will love them to. They are bright, fun and NON-Staining! That was important to me. But as you can see Kaia did get a little bit of Zubbles juice on her shirt when I put her shirt in the wash the color came right out with no extra stain fighters or anything. Zubbles would be fantastic at birthday parties, playdates, or whenever you want to have some extraordinary bubble Zubbles fun!

Kaia had so much fun playing all afternoon with her Zubbles!

I know these pictures look almost fake but that really is Kaia blowing bubbles- or Zubbles. They come out looking really cool in bright colors.

Bubbles have long been a source of delight and fascination for children the world over.

Now, after ten years of experiments and discoveries, we have done what scientists claimed was impossible… we’ve combined the simple joy of bubbles with the beauty and magic of color, inventing the world’s first real colored bubbles.

We call them Zubbles®.

For the first time, children will be able to choose their favorite Zubbles from a range of rich, vibrant colors, and experience the magic of watching colored bubbles float through the air. And, using a new class of patent pending specialty dyes developed by C2C Technologies, the color in Zubbles magically disappears when exposed to air, water or pressure.

Zubbles are non- staining, non-toxic, with vivid colors that dissapear.

Buy It: You can purchase Zubbles on the Zubbles site.

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