ZUMBA® Fitness Program Review

Are you looking for a Fun Fitness Program? I have found an amazing Fitness program that uses great music and dancing as exercise . That’s right, I am talking about the ZUMBA® Fitness Program! It seems that everyone I talk to about this fantastic exercise program absolutely loves it and most of them have become completely addicted. Its funny some of the Mom’s in my Mommy and Me groups for the kids have all been completely addicted to the ZUMBA® Fitness Program and none of them new that there were others in our group who shared the same addiction until I started talking about the ZUMBA® Fitness Program. We have decided to start getting together to take a ZUMBA® Fitness Program class together. I found over 20 different classes within a 5 mile radius of where I live. I am sure you will be able to find just as many around you. I absolutely love my Home ZUMBA® Fitness Program I have lost 7 lbs with it alone. I like being able to exercise in the privacy of my own home. With that said the classes are amazing and it is a totally different atmosphere I really think everyone should experience a class just to see how different it feels. Truthfully I like having both options they both work for me. With the ZUMBA® Fitness Program I don’t really feel like I am exercising it is more like just having fun. And time seriously flies I can’t believe it when it’s over. The ZUMBA® Fitness Program is one of the only programs where I actually feel kind of energized afterwards instead of totally wiped out. It’s awesome!

I am so EXCITED! There is a new SEVEN-DISC DVD set coming out in February that includes new rhythms and styles from countries around the world, a live fitness concert that captures the party atmosphere of a Zumba class and a new Zumba Toning class that takes the Zumba workout to the next level with resistance training.

About Zumba®:
The Zumba® program is a fitness party with a contagious blend of Latin and international rhythms that provides a fun and effective workout to a global community, either at home or in the gym. Through exhilarating, high calorie-burning fitness classes, Zumba Fitness® has helped melt the pounds and inches off more than 7.5 million Zumba-enthusiasts in 105 countries. Using easy-to-follow moves and exotic, high-energy music, Zumba routines successfully tone and sculpt the body while burning fat. Zumba classes are available at 60,000 locations worldwide and feature specialty options including Zumba Gold® classes for active older adults and deconditioned participants, Zumba® Toning, Zumbatomic® for kids and Aqua Zumba®, the “pool party” workout.

Buy It: You can purchase for a home-based workout, The ZUMBA® Fitness Total Body Transformation System is available in a four-disc DVD collection featuring Beto, the creator of the ZUMBA® program. Other offerings include Zumbawear™ apparel and accessories, the ZUMBA® Fitness video game as well as music soundtracks. For more information, to find a class, or to purchase ZUMBA® Fitness merchandise, please visit ZUMBA.COM .
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  1. zumba is the best workout

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